The Art of Observation

This ‘Lecture & Guided Practice’ at the  Sublime Gallery, UB city, is in celebration of the ‘International Day of Philosophy 2019’

Art is an expression of beauty, a bridge for the human being in the concrete existence to touch the abstract, the sublime. This Talk combines Philosophy and Photography to develop an orientation to look at dimensions that we perhaps didn’t consider before. Often, what is most important is between the lines, beyond the apparent. To be able to metaphorically read between the lines, requires us to develop our observation. It is much more than just to see; it is to be able to look into the depths and perceive the cause of what is seen, allowing it to touch and change us.

Through the medium of photography and exposure to the works of various international photographers including Barbara Morgan, Edward Steichen, Pierre Poulain and Henri Cartier-Bresson, the speaker will present a method for observation and evaluation of art – and indeed, life itself.

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Saturday, 16th November  6:30 to 8:30 PM | Location: Sublime Galleria, UB city
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Lecture and Guided Exercise| Free Entry | Limited Seat – first come basis | Right to Admission Reserved | Please do reach early as doors close at start |

The Art of Observation
Saturday, 16th November 6:30 to 8:30 PM | Location: Sublime Galleria, UB city

Lecture and Interactive session with practical exercises

Limited Seats - on first come basis

Rights to Admission Reserved

Arrive ahead of time, as doors close at start.

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