Introductory session to the Living Philosophy program

At New Acropolis (IONA), philosophy comes alive as we foster an active and practical approach to living a meaningful life towards the collective growth of humanity.

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Introductory session to the Living Philosophy program

Introductory session on 30th November & 7th December
7:30 p.m to 8:30 p.m
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Thank you for your registration for the Free Introductory Session to the Living Philosophy Program to be held on Monday, 21st & 28th August 2017

Foundation to practical philosophy

The sessions provide a glimpse into the sources of wisdom with a comparative study of Classical philosophies across ancient cultures and civilizations. Through the classes, we unfold the path of philosophy from Knowledge to Wisdom and from learning to living, as we uncover the mysteries of human consciousness and development.

The foundation course is the first level of study of Philosophy being taught at numerous centers of New Acropolis International Organization in over 60 countries for many years. This unique program of philosophy is a pre-requisite for membership to the organization as well to continue subsequent advance programs of philosophy. It is structured into 19 weekly sessions which are combination of both lectures and practical exercises that foster philosophical, cultural and volunteering engagements.

Practical tools from Ancient India, Greece, Egypt, Tibet and China that enable us to know ourselves better, understand the human self and what it means to live an ethical life.
What role does the human being have in society? Ideas from ancient wisdom that help us relate to the essence of Politics, and what it takes to be an Ethical Leader in today's society.
Where have we come from, and where are we headed, as humanity? Understanding Evolution, the Philosophical approach to Time, and the role of the Human being in the plan of Evolution.

A Glimpse At Some of The Sessions

  • I am an entrepreneur and run a corporate training company for the last eight years. I came to know about New Acropolis through Meetup and followed their Facebook page for two years before enrolling. I grew up in a spiritual environment and interest in philosophy came naturally. My deep interest in understanding life and the neutral approach of New Acropolis firmed my decision to explore the Living Philosophy Course.

    The teachings have helped me feel more grounded. My approach towards handling key issues has changed. Today, my overall outlook towards life and happiness has been changing. I wish to implement these learning's in my day to day life. One thing that I like most about New Acropolis is neutrality in teachings. This helps students with larger perspective and allows them to choose what is appropriate for them.

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  • I am an entrepreneur by profession and a passionate mother of a teen. I believe, life is a gift and it needs to be loved, savored, relished and shared. Every challenge is a stepping stone to something bigger and better while joy comes in making a difference. New Acropolis was introduced to me by my very good friend Amee. As a seeker of the subtle and profound, I was deeply moved by the introductory class which spurred me to join the Living Philosophy Course.

    The key takeaway for me so far is the need for introspection on self at all levels and the need to practice balance and harmony. The tools for practical action shared by the teachers at New Acropolis are something I enjoy to grapple with. One thing that I love about NA is the pure welcoming energy that each individual brings to the table – be it a teacher, a volunteer, a student. To have so many likeminded people in one forum is truly a find!

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  • An engineer by profession, having worked in the Middle East for a couple of years, I am at the moment aiding the family business. It was while frequenting the Alliance Française, picking up a new language, that I chanced upon the Living Philosophy poster and visited IONA for the intro session. It seemed like just the right fit. Continuous course correction is something I strongly endorse, be it by religious inputs, or a feed of inspiration every once in a while from great lives, thoughts and so on.

    Given my passionate stints in volunteering earlier, I was all the more delighted to see the multitude of ways in which the organization engages itself on very practical grounds, both within and outside of it; not to mention the plethora of cultural activities it partakes in.

    As a member, with each passing meet, I am steering on the road to self-mastery, and wish for the path to be ever onwards and upwards.

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Limited Seats

Join us as we embark on this fascinating journey of bringing Philosophy alive !